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What is a PS Form 3575?

The PS Form 3575 is also referred to as the Change of Address form and is used in the USA. This form is submitted when you are intentionally relocated or forced to change your location as a result of an issue/difficulty. You have to notify the post office through ps form 3575 that you are moving and requesting that your mail be forwarded to your new address. You have the option to seek a modification for both long-term and short-term adjustments. Anybody can use this form to forward their mail or alter their address.

Getting and submitting the form is a simple process. Request the Mover's Guide pamphlet from your local post office. There is the PS Form 3575 in the package. Complete this address change form and hand it to a postal worker or you may drop it in the post office's letter mail slot if that's more convenient for you.

Any person caught entering incorrect or misleading information on this form might face a fine or perhaps prison time under Title 18's Sections 2, 1001, 1702, and 1708.

What to Write on a PS Form 3575?

The following is the information that is needed to be written while completing the form.

  • Who is changing the address?
  • Type of relocation i.e either temporary or permanent.
  • Time duration if relocation is temporary.
  • The full name for personal or business name for company relocation.
  • Former complete address.
  • New complete address.
  • The exact date on which the form is completed and signed.

Instructions for Filing Out PS Form 3575

Step 1: The first step is to identify who is relocating to the new address. Indicate if the mail will need to be redirected to the new address for you only, for your entire family or just for the company.

Select who the Change of Address is for on PS Form 3575

Step 2: Check to see if the address has been changed temporarily or permanently. A temporary address change might last as little as 15 days or as long as 364 days.

Select if this move is temporary on PS Form 3575

Step 3: When you relocate, make sure to add the date.

Fill in the Start Date on PS Form 3575

Step 4: Specify the length to define how long the address change will last in case of temporary relocation.

Fill in the date to discontinue forwarding on PS Form 3575

Step 5: Make yourself known by indicating your full legal name, or the name of your company in case of the business relocation.

Fill in the full name on PS form 3575

Step 6: Fill up the details of your previous mailing address. Give the complete address of your previous residence, including the city and state name.

Fill in the previous addresses on PS Form 3575

Step 7: If your former address is in Puerto Rico, you also need to mention the name of the urbanization.

Add urbanization name if previous addresses are in PR

Step 8: Fill in the details by including your new address in the “NEW MAILING ADDRESS” section.

Fill in new addresses on PS Form 3575

Step 9: Urbanization names are also required if you're moving to a new location in Puerto Rico.

Add urbanization name if new addresses are in PR

Step 10: Include your signature and name. Also include the date on which you completed and signed the form.

Sign PS Form 3575

Who Needs to Fill Out the PS Form 3575?

Keeping in mind the following circumstances anyone needs to fill out the form either to temporarily change or relocate to a new address on a permanent basis.


  • In the event that members of a family are moving to a new place, each individual will need to fill out a separate form.
  • Even if some members of the family relocate, others remain in their current location. Submission of one form per individual is required by law.
  • Members of a family who are transferring to various locations must fill out and submit a separate form for each person.


  • Families are formed when all household members have the same last name. There is just one PS 3575 form to fill out and submit if the entire family is moving to the same address.


  • It is only required to fill out one ps 3575 form if the entire business is moving to a new location.
  • If the business owner or workers receive letters sent to them, they can submit a separate change of address request on their behalf.

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